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Did you know that about 95% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Don't settle for a less than perfect fit!

Wedding dresses

Perfectly-tailored clothes will last longer since they won't be under the stress of too much or too little fabric. If you do have a little rip or tear, don't replace that garment! Save money and bring it in to Virginia at 2176 N Westwood Blvd. where she will mend it right up!

The right alterations will help your clothes fit perfectly

Your clothes will look even better with a custom-fitted bra underneath!

• Suit tailoring

• Prom and wedding dresses

• Minor mending

• Hemming

• Patching for fabric and leather

• Zipper repair (or replacement)

• Uniform alterations

• Sew-on patches

Besides promoting good breast health and posture, a properly-fitted bra will help you show off your shape in the best way possible! You will feel more confident knowing that you have the support that you need to look and feel great all the time.


95% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Don't be one of them! In just 5 minutes, Virginia will have you measured and fitted for your perfect bra. Contact her today!

Extend the life of your clothes with the right alterations

“The most amazing women! They are the sweetest and most highly-experienced seamstresses and the friendliest girls ever!”


- Addy J.

Get a custom-made swimsuit for the summer!


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